Jiban Jyoti Indane Gas Agency Kolkata

By | March 8, 2013

I had made a booking for a cooking gas cylinder refill with Jiban Jyoti Gas Agency (Indane) located at Dhakshinapan Market, Dhakuria, Kolkata. My consumer number is 04716. My wife aged 70 years recently underwent a knee revision surgery and I had to take her to Hospital for an urgent checkup for two hours on March 2 between 12.30 – 2.30 PM. I understand that the gas vendor had arrived during my absence . My neighbour had also requested the vendor to re-visit in the afternoon considering this emergency. But he never turned up. Further, I got an SMS saying that this booking is cancelled.

I then personally went to the office of Jiban Jyoti and explained them this situation. Despite my explanation of the situation, they insisted that they cannot do anything but I have to do a re-booking. They also misbehaved without giving any proper information to a senior citizen like me. The bottom line is that I have not yet got my cylinder refill till date. It is surprising that when I make a booking I get an SMS saying that the cylinder will be delivered shortly, the duration of delivery may be after several days. How are we (senior citizen couples) going to know as to when the vendor will arrive? It appears that we have to forego all our medical emergencies and be at the mercy of these distributors and vendors. Is there a way out for all such malices?

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