NJP to HWH Shatabdi express- Pathetic Service

By | February 4, 2013

I am a frequent passenger in Shatabdi Express NJP to HWH . Train no 12041/12042. Few are major concerns of the train:

1: The arrival and departure time is always late (20 days in a month)
2: The chair foot rest is broken and window screens are non functional
3:All the waiters are serving food according to their which e.g: Non-Veg is not available have Veg, even you have selected Non-Veg in ticket they will say that you had selected as 4eg(as if they are god or Railway is their father’s company or as if they are serving food for free of cost)
5: Finally they are coming with a tray for WASOOLI / CHANDA (means Tips ) as if they have done a great favor to us . Untill and unless you are paying them money they will not move a single inch
6: The toilets are not cleaned properly , some times the vendors will ask you to fill the feedback form if you will any negative feedback they will destroy that paper .

7:They have excluded Jam and Fruit juice (Maaza/Frooti) from the breakfast and selling it in local market and god knows how many railway staffs are involved in this scam

8: In the morning an external vendor sells the Newspapers in the coach(actually the newspapers are provided by railway to serve free of cost) .

Strict action should be taken against them.

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